Energy Systems Research

Urban Energy Infrastructure Policy and Climate Impacts

Urban Energy Infrastructure Policy and Climate Impacts
Carnegie Mellon University, Spring 2019

This course studies how urban infrastructure - its urban form, transportation, and building stock in particular - impacts energy consumption and environmental emissions and explores different policy mechanisms for reducing those impacts. For graduate students and junior/senior undergrads.  

Key Topics:
Urban energy consumption and environmental impact
Policies and infrastructure improvements for reducing urban environmental impact
Critique of climate action policy in U.S. cities

Course Documents:
Literature Reading List
Homework List and Due Dates

Week 1 - Urban Energy and Emissions Overview
1.1 Slides - Urban Emissions
1.2 Slides - Urban Emissions Sources
Evaluating Your Carbon Footprint
How to Read the Academic Literature
Literature Reading Template
Student Data Spreadsheet - fill out at the beginning of the first class

Week 2 - Broad Strategies for Urban Climate Change Mitigation

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