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Belcher Writing your journal article

Writing your journal article in 12 weeks
wendy laura belcher



This step-by-step workbook book provides the context, momentum, and direction needed to publish your humanities or social science research. Part counselor, part task-master, Belcher sympathetically marches the reader, day-by-day, through the arduous academic publishing process.


Writing your Journal Article in 12 Weeks packages everything we need to know about publishing a humanities/social science paper into a daily to-do list. The book is as daunting as its goal but breaking it into daily tasks makes it manageable.

Belcher dashes our fears about writing, suggests a productivity regimen, and proceeds to the practical guidance: outline your article, polish the structure, get feedback, edit the details, submit it, respond to reviewers. This guidance has myriad practical pointers that will guide your every step to publication. 


Explicitly not for scientists, I skipped the technical information and still found some gems. Belcher debunks a long list of procrastination excuses and pivots to some useful productivity habits. She advises how to edit our work with a friend—good social advice from a social scientist. Her writing advice shines: tips for creating your title, troubleshooting for fixing structural problems, an epic grammar editing checklist. It’s great for those tasks, but it doesn’t help much with the technical aspects of scientific writing.


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